NFT Copilot

Welcome to NFT Copilot

Next-gen trading platform that automates your daily actions with no-code trading bots, auto-bidding and alerts.

What makes Copilot special.

Our mission – revolutionize NFT trading with automating your daily actions. We've combined alerts, auto-bidding, analytics and automation in one platform. Platform designed with you in mind. Our team is always in touch with users to make sure we're delivering the features you need for an exceptional trading experience.
We’re currently in the beta testing phase and here is the value we give:
  • The most Customizable Alerts on the market on volume, floor and sales count fluctuations
  • Auto-buy feature for multiple collections at one time
  • Fully customizable Trading Dashboard with all the necessary charts to find your entry and exit points
  • Professional Wallet Tracker to keep an eye on profitable wallets
  • Alerts on all Wallet's Actions to know when smart money purchase and sold
  • Alerts on Pump with >75% accurateAuto-buy feature for multiple collections at one time
  • Bidding on three platforms at once via copilot
You can check the complete list on our discord in the Product Updates channel because our platform is developing ultra fast.
Last modified 1mo ago