NFT Copilot


Trade with Copilot and Win Rewards.
Leaderboard shows the top contributors who earn points by providing suggestions, reporting bugs, responding to surveys and inviting new members. When we go public, we will reward the most valuable contributors with rich rewards.

How to earn points:

Taking crew3 quests:
You'll find a lot of crew3 quests at this link, and we'll give you points for each quest you complete. The most points you can get for completing surveys, for suggestions on how to improve the platform and for finding bugs. There are also very valuable quests, such as a youtube video review or an article about Copilot.
Invite people use Copilot through your referral link
Your referral link is in the upper right corner of the platform.
Copy it and send it to your friend who would be interested in using the platform. You'll get 500 points when your friend buys at least one token via Copliot. You can share it as many times as you like. The more friends the more points.

What rewards?

This will remain our little secret for now. But rest assured, you will be generously rewarded. Especially the top of the leaderboard.