NFT Copilot


New Roadmap

Copilot is becoming a next-gen trading platform that automates your daily actions with no-code trading bots, auto-bidding and alerts. At the same time we will provide many valuable features in analytics, trading charts, wallet tracker and others. But our main focus is to automate your trading strategies.
Here's how we will do it:

Stage 1: Alerts

We'll create the most customizable, fastest, and valuable alerts on the market. We already have a lot of cool alerts, but we'll make Copilot become your ears and eyes, which removes a lot of unnecessary actions that you are doing right now.

Stage 2: Bidding

We're aiming to become one of the best bidding platforms. You will be farming points on Blur, use autobidder on Opensea and other marketplaces, and get access to fully autopilot bidding with private key.

Stage 3: Automation

Our favorite part. We're making it possible for everyone to create their own no-code trading bots. You'll be able to fully automate your trading strategies, set criteria in advance, and step away from your monitor while it works for you.

Stage 4: Mint

The cherry on top – our most exciting and mysterious stage is our Mint. The only thing we can share right now is that we created a concept that no one has done before. You’ll need to 01110100 01101000 01101001 01101110 01101011, to -.. . -.-. .. -.. . and to 77696E.
Wen mint? Wen we make our promises and be confident of the quality of the product and the value it brings to you.