NFT Copilot

Gas Settings

You have 4 gas settings and an additional outbidding mode.

Metamask Auto

Let's start with the first and easiest - the metamask setting. If you don't want to overpay for speed, then select the metamask setting and the gas will be selected automatically.

Custom Gas Settings

You can set up for yourself 3 modes for any desired speed
Max priority you set yourself and it doesn’t depend on Base fee
Max fee doesn’t depend on Base fee if you choose "Undouble" or depends on Base fee if you choose 1x, 1,5x or 2x multiplier.
For example, in the current settings the total gas values at base fee 30 will be equal:
  • Max prio: 2, Max fee: 30
  • Max prio: 10, Max fee 45
  • Max prio: 30, Max fee 80

Outbidding Mode

Outbidding mode can be enabled in addition to the previous 4 settings, but it will only work if there are pending transactions at the moment of purchase.
For example, if the top gas among pending transactions is Max prio 10 and Max fee 45, the your gas would be Max prio 15 and Max fee 55.