NFT Copilot

Trading Dashboard

Trade, analyze and earn in one place.
Dashboard contains all the necessary information about the collection and charts, so you can quickly find entry and exit points, find undervalued listings.
Let's discuss each element separately:

Сollection info, 24-hour stats and filter.

Shows basic info about the collection, its holders, floor, break even price, and how the collection traded in the last 24 hours.

Listings and trades feeds.

What options does it have:
  1. 1.
    listings will go up sooner than on marketplaces and you can catch a good offer quicker than others.
  2. 2.
    listings are collected from all marketplaces, including blur (unlike other services).
  3. 3.
    color indicator shows:
    • 🔴 relistings with price decrease
    • 🟢 relistings with price increase
    • 🟡 offers
  4. 4.
    icons indicate who is buying or selling (blue chip holder, high roi trader, whale or yourself).
  5. 5.
    pending transactions are displayed in live mode

Trades chart

What options does it have:
  1. 1.
    all trades that occurred during the period you selected.
  2. 2.
    trading volume
  3. 3.
    number of trades and unique traders
  4. 4.
    entry and exit points of whales, blue chips and high roi traders
  5. 5.
    break even price
  6. 6.
    charts zooming in to the scale you like
What the dots on the graph mean
• 🔵 blue – whales
• 🔵 light blue – blue chips
• 🟡 yellow – high ROI traders
• 🔸 orange triangle – buying and selling your wallets from watchlist
if the border is green – it's a buy 🟩
if it is red – sell 🟥
• Your own buys and sales are shown in green and red rhombuses
How we show the rarity
• 🔴 Legendary - top 1%
• 🟣 Epic - top 10%
• 🔵 Rare - top 50%
• 🟢 Common - others


The chart shows the ratio of listings to trades for each minute of the last hour, that is, the supply/demand ratio.
  • 🟣 trades
  • 🟡 offers
  • 🟢 listings and releases with price increase
  • 🔴 releases with price decrease
  • ⚪️ number of unique listers
  • ⚪️ number of unique traders
Tips: • If purple lines are higher than red and green, it means that demand exceeds supply and the floor is likely to rise. • if the green and red lines are higher than the purple lines, it's the opposite. Supply outstrips demand and the price is likely to go down. • If there are more releases with price decrease than listings, then everyone starts dumping their nfts and price will go down.

Listing History

The chart shows the number of active listings in each minute of the last hour.
Tips: • If the number of active listings is decreasing (as in the picture), it means that people keep their nfts and actively buy new ones - the floor is going up. • If the number of active listings is actively growing, then people start to drain nfts and this is not a good sign - the floor is going down.

Sell Wall

The chart shows how many active listings there are now in a certain price range.

Chart of active listings

The chart shows all active listings in relation to their rarity and price. This chart is convenient for finding the cheapest tokens among the same rarity. That way you can find undervalued tokens, buy them, sell them at the market price, and make money.