NFT Copilot

Wallet Page

Page for wallet analysis: portfolio, activity and flips.
Each wallet has 3 main indicators: Portfolio Value, PnL and Win Rate for the last 30 days.
In the Stats section you can see the amount of spent and profit.
The actions section shows all wallet activity, including purchases, sales, transfers, mints and listings.
In the Flips section you can analyze all wallet flips for the last month. As well as how many profit flips it has and what ROI it has. We believe that monthly stats are more reliable than all-time stats because you can be sure that the trader is actively earning in the current time and you can put an alert on his actions and be sure that you can replicate his success.
Some wallets have special tags. Here's what they mean:
💎 Blue Chip - A wallet that holds tokens from blue chip collections such as Bored Ape Yach Club, Doodles, Cool Cats and others.
🐳 Whales - wallets that have $10 million or more in their account
👑 High ROI Trades - traders with win rate 70%+, at least 10 wining flips per month, at least 1 ether spent per month and ROI over 10%.
Tips: On the trading dashboard you can choose which traders you want to see and track when smart money buy (green border) and sell (red border).